My Cup Condom™ - 3 Pack to stay protected all night long!




USAGE: My Cup Condom™ is intended to prevent contamination and spillage of a beverage container. This product is not intended to be used as a form of contraception. My Cup Condom™ reduces the risk of a drink being contaminated and spilling by providing protection against the source of contamination and leakage. However, they do not completely eliminate these risks. We suggest that you drink responsibly and always be cautious while using an open container in public spaces, even with our protection.


WARNINGS: Do not use if you have or think you have a LATEX ALLERGY. Do not reuse My Cup Condom™. If the material is obviously damaged, do not use. Keep unused My Cup Condom™ in their packs in a cool, dry place for best performance. CHOKING HAZARD - small parts not suitable for children under 8 years old or those who tend to put inedible objects in their mouth.

My Cup Condom™ 3 - Pack

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Before You Clink, Protect Your Drink!™

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