Our mission at My Cup Condom™ is to keep you and your cup safe & protected. Our product is a convenient way to prevent contamination & spillage of a beverage container. We believe you should always stay protected... even while having fun! With My Cup Condom™ you can reduce these risks that come with drinking out of an open container. We are the contraception for your cup, providing protection against the source of contamination and leakage. Remember to Stay Protected & Slip On a My Cup Condom™ With Your Next Sip.



My Cup Condom™ was invented in 2019 by Nicole & Christine from Long Island, New York. After years in college of going to parties, clubs/bars, & all of the horrible stories of people being roofied (& worse)... Nicole was tired of feeling vulnerable & scared while drinking out of open containers. There was nothing to prevent or protect unwanted contaminants from entering the drink container. Hence, My Cup Condom™ was born! 


Made out of 100% Natural Rubber Latex, My Cup Condom™ is eco-friendly & biodegradable while protecting & preventing any contamination & spillage from your drink. Now, you & your drink can be safe from unwanted contaminants & you will not spill any of your drink while you're out!

Before You Clink, Protect Your Drink!™

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